Leave Your Legacy Through KCHS

The Kearney Catholic High School Foundation recognizes the generosity of individuals who have named the Kearney Catholic High School Foundation in their wills and estates.

When we depart this life for the next, we won’t be remembered by the clothes we wore, the cars we drove, or the house we lived in. Rather, we will be remembered by the impact we have made on others.

At Kearney Catholic High School, we have witnessed the countless ways in which people have changed the lives of our students, because of the generous gifts to the school and to the Foundation’s Endowment and Scholarship funds upon their deaths.

These gifts are everlasting and ensure the future of Catholic education. They leave behind a lasting memory for families and show commitment to their faith and the need to see that faith passed on to generations to come.

The future of Kearney Catholic High School relies on the generosity of those that wish to touch lives by leaving a legacy.  Stop in and discuss what means the most to you, so that together, we can make your dreams for Kearney Catholic a reality through the KCHS Foundation.

Touch the lives of others… forever.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of education at Kearney Catholic High School by providing ongoing financial support.

Kearney Catholic High School Foundation

20 East 21st Street
Kearney, NE 68847

phone: 308-236-6903
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