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Maddie McGowen

Maddie McGowen

Throughout my years at Kearney Catholic, this school has become a second home to me.  I am grateful for the incredible relationships I have made with my KCHS family.  The parents, teachers and coaches have given their time and effort to guide us to become the best versions of ourselves each and every day.  In a small school setting, numerous opportunities exist to participate in a wide range of things.  Trying new activities has led to new friendships and crazy memories.  The importance of Faith in our Catholic school is a cool experience to be a part of.  We have the privilege to talk about who God is and why we believe in Christianity.  Kearney Catholic has instilled in its students the importance of leading, sharing, and giving of oneself for the better of others and glory of God.  Although it feels amazing to receive big awards, it is the small things I will remember the most.  Whether it is laughing with my friends, participating in something I love, or even just saying hello to someone in the hallway, the little moments are the most meaningful.  One of my hardest goodbyes will be with my classmates.   We have watched each other mature throughout the years and have grown together as a class.  These people truly are my family, and KC is our little home.  It is because of my experiences at Kearney Catholic that I believe I can go out and make our world a better place.

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